Batt Motorsports

Sponsors and Suppliers

Darcy DeCoste Racing Engines


Motul USA

Makes a full line of high performance motor oils and lubricants
for Automotive and Powersports


Marketing Programs

Batt Motorsports is offering unique opportunities to partner with us in marketing your company.  Race fans are increasingly aware of who sponsors their sport and have strong tendencies to purchase the products of sponsoring companies.  No other sport creates such an emotional bond between fan and sponsor.  This is evidenced by the success of sponsors in the NASCAR series. Karting demographics are predominately male (78.3%) with an average age of 29 according to National Kart News.  Consider diversifying your marketing efforts and tap into the excitement of motorsports!

The team is offering three levels of sponsorship.  All sponsors will have the opportunity to purchase pit passes, tour the garage, and be close to the race day action!