Batt Motorsports

Andy Batt


After helping Evan and Eric for a few years, Andy raced the 2008 season in the KRA Spec TaG Masters class at NCMP.  The kart was converted in 2010 with a clone motor.  This low cost 4 cycle class has been growing in popularity.

Andy Batt - Clone Sr.
Andy races the clone class and wins a race in 2010.

Andy Spec Tag
2008 Spec Tag Masters

Andy Batt - Spec Tag 2008
Photo by David Lee



Eric, Andy and Evan 2009
Eric, Andy and Evan - 2010

Andy and Evan

Andy and Evan at NCMP - 2008

Eric and Andy in 2007

Eric and Andy in 2007

Will Power

Andy Batt and Will Power

"Thanks Andy for helping Simon (Pagenaud) and I get a RoboPong ride" commented Will Power after James Davison and Andy Batt coordinated a ride with Mike Burrell of Indiana Racing Services.  Will Power is the winner of the 2010 Mario Andretti IRL Road Course Championship.  (2010)

Indoor Karting

The Crystal Flash team, lead by Andy Batt, has won the RJR Canoe Cup Indoor Kart Race two years in a row. Eric and Andy drove for the winning Eby Brown team the following (and final) year.


Team drivers Brandon Merrell and Evan Batt with 2008 trophy.