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Nov 5, Eric is featured in Motul Sport News

Click here for 2011 #41 Motul Sport News that features Eric.  Click here for the latest edition of Motul Sport News.


October 8, Tag World Finals

Eric Batt wins the 2011 Tag Worlds

Eric and Evan both competed.  Eric used his Zanardi with the his new 2001 DDR power, while Evan raced with a MKP Birel and a 1999 DDR.  Eric qualified second, and Evan 6th. 

Evan Batt placed 4th in the 2001 TaG Worlds

Evan was involved in contact in the pre-final and started the final in the back row.  Evan advanced to 4th in the final.  Eric dominated the event leading every lap of the pre-final and the feature races!

2011 TWC Stock Moto Podium
Left to Right, Evan Batt (4th), Joe Ruch (3rd), Josh Lane (2nd)Eric Batt (1st) and not avaiable Derek Crockett (5th).  Photo by David Lee Photography.

October 1-2, KRA 12-13

Eric only needed a few points to secure the KRA 125cc Shifter Championship, but with his upgraded 2001 DDR power he won the race.

On Sunday Evan Batt raced Eric's Zanardi for the first time and coasted to a comfortable win.

August 7, KRA 11

Eric debuted the new Polen Designs Bell Helmet.  It was the first race without his dad, so a friend helped instead. 

Eric Batt's new Polen Design Helemt

Eric Batt in 2011 KRA #11

Although Eric had to start at the back due to not having his transponder in qualifying - he still finished 3rd.

July 23 -24, SKUSA CSC and GLPS

SKUSA Central States and the Great Lakes Pro Series put on a combined event at New Castle.  The two series were scored separately, but raced several classes simultaneously.  Eric and Evan entered the event as SKUSA S2, and raced against SKUSA S1 and GLPS Stock Moto classes.  Evan raced a Birel courtesy of Kurt Mathewson (MKP/ Evolution Karting), but could only race on Saturday.

Evan qualified 4th and Eric 7th on Saturday.  In the pre-final Evan's motor mount came loose causing a DNF. Eric was able to make his way up to fourth position by the end of the pre final. In the Final Eric finished 3rd ,and Evan came from the back to finish 5th.

Due to pending violent weather the Sunday race was reduced to qualifying and a 15 lap final.  Eric qualified 2nd, starting on the front row beside Josh Lane.  Eric dropped to 4th on the start, but quickly made a great pass on Derek Crockett to take back 3rd on the first lap.  Eric made it to second place a few laps later and took the lead before half way - going on to win!


The overall competition was very high including Derek Crockett and Nick DeLuc racing S1, Joe Ruch the SKUSA CSC points leader, Kelly Johnson the GLPS points leader, and several other stock moto racers including Josh Lane, Kyle Ludwick, and Colton Adridge.

Eric Batt wins SKUSA CSC at NCMP

July 3, KRA 8

Eric Batt takes the lead and wins 2011 KRA 8

After missing race 7 due to a family vacation, Eric still had the shifter class season points lead.  Tim Hollowell and Ron Peterson both were slightly faster in qualifying, and Eric started the race in third.  Eric made a couple a great moves to pass for the lead and pulled away to win the race by a comfortable margin.

June 12, KRA 6

Eric Batt Wins 2001 KRA #6

While Eric still had a significant points lead, the competition has intensified.  Eric qualified second beside Tim Hollowell on the front row.  Eric took the early lead with Tim close behind.  Tim passed half way through the race, but Eric stayed in tow.  Kyle Ludwick then closed in on the two leaders.  Eric passed for the lead with 2 laps to go, and won the race with Tim and Kyle close behind.

Evan Batt Wins 2011 KRA TaG Light #6

Evan raced TaG Light, but had the axel slide and lost a chain after only 1 lap of qualifying.  Evan started the race 6th, and had contact with other karts on the start, allowing the pole, Steve Knight, to pull out to a lead.  Evan began passing a kart or two on each of the early laps, and was in second place halfway through the race.  Evan caught and passed for the lead with 2 laps to go - and won the race.

May 21-22, KRA 4 and 5 Double Header

Eric Batt

The double header weekend proved to be a challenge.  On Saturday, Eric qualified on the front row, next to an ICC powered kart.  As Eric attempted a pass for the lead  he was forced off the track with contact, and dropped to last place.  Eric had the fastest race lap and came back through the field to finish third.

On Sunday Eric qualified third.  The ICC pole sitter (in front of Eric) had a poor start, creating a challenge for Eric as others were passing to the right.  Eric managed a pass on the left side through the grass!  Tim Hollowell took the lead and never looked back, as Eric improved his position to finish second.

April 23, KRA 3

Eric continued his sweep of the KRA shifter class, but by a much narrow margin.  Joe Ruch and Tim Hollowell were both within 2 tenths of a second in qualifying.  Joe lead the first few laps, but Eric passed on lap 4.  This time Joe stayed close to Eric and was within a tenth of a second on the finish!

Eric Batt on Pole for KRA #3

Eric Batt wins KRA #3

April 10, KRA 2

Eric Batt 2011 KRA#2
Eric wins KRA #2

Eric continued to show his experience and skill in his DDR Powered Zanardi shifter as he took his second consecutive pole and his second consecutive win!  The field was deeper as several new competitors entered the class.  Joe Ruch got the jump at the start, and led the first few laps before Eric passed and pulled away for the victory.

April 3, KRA 1

Eric Batt talks with his tuner - Nic LeDuc
Eric on grid talking with his tuner - Nic LeDuc

Evan retired from the shifter class after sweeping the first 11 races last year.  Eric continues to race his Zanardi with the DDR Stock Moto.  Eric started the season right by taking the pole and winning the first race!

Eric wins the first race of 2011
Eric wins KRA #1

Evan drove Eric's TaG kart in the "Super Light" class and also took the pole.  Evan was in the lead but suffered a DNF from a mechanical issue

Evan Batt 2011
Evan leads KRA TaG Light on his brothers Zanardi TaG kart.


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Summary and Archives

  • 2011 Archive
    Eric wins the TaG World Finals (Stock Moto Class), and wins the KRA Shifter Championship, along with his first victory in a SKUSA and GLPS race.

    Evan raced a limited season and won a KRA TaG race along with a KRA Shifter race (after Eric locked up the season championship.
  • 2010 Archive
    Evan sweeps the first 11 KRA Shifter races for a perfect season, and is awarded Senior Driver of the Year.

    Eric locked up second place in the KRA shifter class.
  • 2009 Archive
    Eric wins several Stock Moto races.
    Eric competes at the SKUSA SuperNats.

    Evan enters only 2 KRA races and wins in both Shifter and TaG classes.
    Evan races WKA for MKP on a Birel.
  • 2008 Archive
    Evan wins KRA TaG Sr. Class.  Evan gets WKA Nat'l Podium.
    Evan almost wins RoboPong200.

    Eric gets 2nd TaG Sportsman.
  • 2007 Archive
    Evan wins KRA Yamaha Class.

    Eric gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.
  • 2006 Archive
    Evan gets 2nd in GLSS TaG.
    Evan gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.

    Eric's Rookie Year (Yamaha Jr.)
  • 2005 Archive
    Evan's rookie year (Yamaha Sr.)

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