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November 7, KRA Banquet

In addition to finishing 1-2 (Evan, and Eric) in the shifter class, Evan was named the 2010 KRA Senior Driver of the Year!

Evan Batt, 2010 KRA Senior Driver of the Year

October 18, Eric makes the cover of NKN

NKN October 2010

The photo by David Lee was selected for the cover of National Karting News.  Ironic that Stock Moto was the largest class at the TaG World Finals!  

October 17, KRA Final Race (make up for race 2)

Eric raced 2 TaG classes and Andy raced the Clone for the final race.  Eric bought another Zanardi Kz1 to race TaG, and started the day with a Parilla Leopard engine.  After a practice session and a concern over engine power, we discovered the piston had been stuck and the piston and cylinder were damaged.  We make some makeshift repairs and still were not pleased (in qualifying), so we switched to a Sonik engine from 2J's Engineering.  With very little time to make the change, Eric made it on track after the other karts were already on their warm up lap.  Eric started at the back and finished 4th, but was on pace with the winner.

Eric Batt in KRA TaG Race

Eric also made a late entry into the SuperLite class, and made a couple last minute changes to the setup.  Again he started at the back, and finished second to Jeremy Warren.

Andy Batt in KRA Clone Race

Andy raced the clone class with the largest field of the year.  Andy qualified 6th, and finished fifth.

October 9-10, RoboPong 200

Battmotorsports teamed up again with Simpson Racing for the 2010 Robo-Pong.  We also fielded the Milka Way Team of Milka Duno and James Davison.  A few days before the race, we also helped arrange a ride for Will Power and Simon Pagenaud.

Simon Pagenaud and Will Power
BattMotorsports helps Simon Pagenaud and Will Power get a RoboPong ride from Indiana Racing Services

Team Milka Way - Team Photo Gallery (click here)

James Davison and Milka Duno
James Davison and Milka Duno

The team came together as James Davison discussed his ideas with Milka Duno and Evan Batt.  We chose the Gillard Charlotte chassis that Evan used to win a TaG championship, and a Comet tuned motor supplied by Bryan Massengale.  Local kart racers that assisted as the pit crew members and team support were Eric Batt, Scott Heavin, George Wilson and Ryan Wilson.  The team did a great job of anticipating almost every need, and reacting quickly to all issues.

, Nick Hill, James Davison, Milka Duno, Andy Batt, and Scott Heavin - photo by David Lee

The Milka Way team (Milka Duno and James Davison) used our Gillard Chassis with a Leopard motor package.  We installed custom Milka Way graphics from Margison Graphics.  We understood going in there was a weight and size difference between these two professional drivers.  The compromise of 20 pounds and several inches of height posed major challenges (including seat position, pedals, and steering position).  Despite this, the team qualified 23rd and improved their position during the race, until a clutch failure late in the race resulted in a DNF and 26th place finish.

Batt-Simpson - Team Photo Gallery (click here)

Jimmy Simpson and Evan Batt
Jimmy and Evan Prepare of the Race

The Batt-Simpson team ran a Zanardi Kz2 with a Comet tuned Parillla Leopard. They were clearly one of the front runners, and the proved it by taking the pole again (two years in a row). 

Jimmy and George Simpson
Jimmy and his Dad (George Simpson) prepare to take the RoboPong Pole - 2 consecutive years!

Jimmy Simpson
Jimmy being interviewed by Race Fan Radio after the record setting pole

Unfortunately, we gave up seven positions on laps 3, 4 and 5 before the tires came in and there seemed to be an issue with engine power.  Engine power was not an issue after the first 5 laps as the team was never passed after the initial laps.  Drivers Evan Batt and Jimmy Simpson both did an amazing job working through traffic.  They moved back into first place on lap 105!  Our pit stops were executed with precision.  On lap 110, disaster hit and the motor sputtered (last year the brake rotor exploded on lap 110 while we were leading the race).  After Evan Batt limped into the pits, engine expert Brandon Jenkins (Comet Kart Sales) found and repaired the problem - a broken ground wire. 

Brandon Jenkins makes emergency repairs
Brandon Jenkins makes emergency repairs, allowing the drivers to race to 7th place!

The extra 6 minute pit stop proved to be decisive, as they dropped back to 17th.  Although Evan and Jimmy went back on track and passed most of the karts multiple times, they could only make it back to 7th place.  Without the time from the extra stop, the drivers would have been 2 laps ahead of the first place MKP kart!

October 1-3, TaG World Championship

Eric entered the 125cc Stock Moto class, which turned out to be the largest class of the event with 16 racers.  We hired accomplished Stock Moto S1 Racer Nic LeDuc to tune and assist for this event. 

Eric Batt Takes Pole at TaG World Championship
Eric takes the pole in the rain by a 3 second margin!

Qualifying was in a downpour of rain, and Eric demonstrated his car control skills and took pole by 3 seconds!  The race director decided to postpone the first heat race for the next day.

TaG World Championship Stock Moto Class
Start of the first heat race

Cole Mathewson won both heat races with Eric coming in second place.  Nic made the final changes to the kart and carburetor for the final.  Eric had a great standing start, and took the early lead.  With the changes Cole could not challenge Eric, and after several laps had a mechanical failure.  The surprise challenger was Josh Lane, who started in the back as he had less than a lap in each of the heat races.  Lane's fresh tires were a factor and so was lapped traffic.  Lane passed Eric late in the 18 lap race, but Eric stayed in pursuit.  Eric attempted a pass on the last straight, but finished .126 seconds behind Lane.  Derek Crockett was 5 seconds back in third place, John Spitler was forth, and Joe Ruch was fifth.

2010 TaG Worlds Stock Moto Podium
Eric Batt (2nd), Josh Lane (1st) and Derek Crockett (3rd)

So close to a win, but thanks to Nic LeDuc for all his help getting Eric to the podium!

September 25-26, KRA #13-14 Double Header

KRA 13 Grid
Andy and Eric make final preparations on the grid

While Evan had already locked up first place with a perfect 11 straight wins, Eric still needed to lock in second place for the series.  Joe Ruch had a great qualifying session and took the pole, while Eric was outside pole.  In the race, Eric's kart were pulling severely side under braking.  We had just installed new pads, and they were causing issues.  Eric drove a good race and was patient, and made the pass for the lead late in the race.  Ruch passed again late on the last lap, and Eric had one last straight to regain the lead and they went into the last turn side by side!  Joe was on the outside and lost control.  Eric lost momentum and Ron Peterson made a great move on the inside as they raced to the finish.  Eric won by 58 thousandths of a second!

Eric Batt Wins KRA 13
Eric Wins KRA #13

Race 13 guaranteed Eric second place in the championship (behind his brother), so race #14 was just for fun.  Eric did not qualify well, but after making some changes he was ready to race.  Eric settled in behind Ruch and Peterson for most of the race as the three of them pulled away from the pack.  Eric passed Peterson with a few laps to go, and started closing on Ruch.  Eric recorded the fastest lap of the race, but did not catch Ruch.

KRA 13

We converted the Spec TaG to race in the clone class, and Andy raced it Saturday and Sunday to a third place finish both days.

September 12, KRA #12

Evan had decided this would be his last race of the year in the shifter class since he had already secured the championship title.  Since race #2 was rescheduled due to weather, this was the eleventh race of the year.  The KRA season is 14 races with three drops.  His goals was to score as many points as possible in the first 11 races.

While Evan took the pole, Eric struggled in qualifying and got third.  once the race started, Evan pulled away in the first lap, but Eric began to close in.  The brothers exchanged the lead several times during the race, but Evan prevailed and won the race.  It was a perfect season winning every one of the first 11 scoring the maximum possible 550 points! 

Evan Batt Wins KRA #12

Eric has control of second place, but he needs to continue racing as it is not yet guaranteed.

Eric, Andy and Evan Batt

Evan's RoboPong partner, Jimmy Simpson, raced his first KRA race of the year in preparation for the RoboPong less than a month away.  Jimmy took the pole and a commanding lead to win the TaG USA race.

September 4, KRA #11

Eric Batt Leads KRA Race 11

It was another close race between Eric and Evan Batt at New Castle. They both enjoyed the race layout as it was one of the few opportunities to run the track layout backwards. Again Evan won the pole, but Eric had the better standing start to take the race lead.  Eric lead the majority of laps while his older brother stayed close behind.  Late in the race Evan was able to make the pass and win by a narrow margin.  

Evan Batt Wins KRA #11

August 29, KRA #10

Eric Batt Leads KRA 10

After eight weeks, the KRA season finally resumed.  Evan and Eric continued their domination of the shifter class.  With a few changes to Eric's kart, he was much more competitive.  While Evan took the pole by a narrow margin, Eric took the early race lead, and lead the majority of the laps.  Evan found an opportunity to pass, and finished with the win.  Eric finished a close second. 

July 30-Aug 1, Skip Barber at Road America

Skip Barber Photo Gallery

Eric Batt with Skip Barber Instructors
Steve Welk, Steve DeBrecht, Eric Batt, and Peter Stolz

Eric participated in the Skip Barber Formula Car Racing School at Road America. The program, instructors, and classmates were outstanding.  The weather was great (as it rained on the second day) allowing class time on a wet track!  There were numerous spins, and the Spec Miata class crashed 3 cars on the wet track. 

Eric Batt
Eric at Road America, photo by David Hutson

July 21, Race For Riley (TaG Senior)

Race for Riley

Evan entered this popular race that benefits Riley Hospital for Children, and features appearances by John Andretti and Tony Stewart.  Evan drove the custom hand built kart that was designed and crafted by Jeremy Warren of Noblesville.  Evan only had one day to test and set up the kart. 

Evan qualified forth.  Due to pre final an incident in turn 4, Evan started the feature race eighth, but quickly moved up to third place.  Billy Lewis was on pole, lead the entire race, and had the fastest lap time.  Evan had the second fastest race lap, but was not able to catch Colton Aldridge (finished second).  Evan looks forward to working with Jeremy on this unique hand built kart that has proven to capable of running with the top kart chassis's in the world!

July 16-18, SKUSA Pro Tour Summer Nationals at Shawano

Summer Nationals photo Gallery

Evan and Eric Batt traveled to Shawano Wisconsin for the SKUSA Pro Tour Summer Nationals, which is the largest national shifter kart events of the summer.  We shared our pit spot with Team Indiana and the talented young Karl Weber, who was running in the TaG Junior class.

Eric Batt gets air at Summer Nationals
Eric Batt and his Zanardi with all 4 in the air

Evan was returning to Shawano for the first time since his 2007 WKA Manufacturers Cup series, and it was Eric's first trip to Shawano.  The SKUSA schedule consisted of practice on Friday and qualifying, heat races and a final on both Saturday and Sunday.

Evan Batt at Summer Nationals
Evan Batt at SKUSA Summer Nationals

Saturday Evan qualified third and Eric was tenth.  Amazingly, Evan and Eric finished both heat races in the same third and tenth positions, despite moving up during the races.  The final was much better as Evan has finished second place behind Derek Crockett and Eric moved up to sixth place.

Sunday started better despite the rainy weather as Evan qualified second and Eric qualified fifth on the wet track.  In the first heat race Evan took the initial lead and battled with Matt Alcorn, Lukas Johnson, and Evan Walters.  Late in the race Evan was forced off track and finished eleventh, as Eric maintained his fifth position.  In the second both Evan and Eric made quick moves through the field as Evan moved five positions in the first lap and Eric made it to third place.  In a crowded turn Eric made contact with a barrier and spun the kart, causing him to drop to the back.  Unfortunately Evan and Eric started the final ninth and thirteenth.  Evan was crashed out in the first turn, but Eric went on to finish a respectable sixth place.

July 4, KRA #9

Evan Batt Wins KRA 9 TaG USA

Two poles, three wins and a second place!  Evan raced TaG USA with Andy Clark's Arrow AX1.  He qualified 3 tenths behind Billy Lewis, and almost a second ahead of third place.  The race was exciting as Billy took the initial lead with Evan in second and Jacob Knueven close behind.  These three checked out from the field and Evan made a pass for the lead early in the race.  Billy and Jacob stayed close behind and Evan finished first.

Andy Batt Wins KRA9 Clone Class

Andy entered the Clone class with the 007 kart barrowed from Vincent Schneider.  Andy was able to get pole and lead most the race.  Second place kart Don Foertsch took the lead breifly, but Andy won by three tenths of a second!

In the shifter class, Evan took pole, while Eric qualified fourth.  We determined Eric needed new tires for the race.  Evan checked out again, while Eric and Ron Peterson battled for second.  Eric waited patiently for an opportunity to pass, and moved to P2 later in the race.  Ron stayed close behind, but Eric held on to second for a Batt 1-2 finish, 

July 3, KRA #8

Evan continued his domination of the shifter class with another victory.  Eric started second, and took the lead on the first lap until his spark plug boot came loose causing his motor to stop.  Eric was able to restart but was half a lap behind everyone else.  Eric's lap times were second only to his brother and he caught up and passed all but the top three.

June 27, KRA #7

KRA #7 Photo Finish!

Evan won again, while Eric came in third by only 16 thousands of a second!  From the camera it looked like Eric was ahead, but the angle can be misleading and looking at the position of the front wheels, Ron Peterson is slightly ahead.

Half way through the KRA season and Evan is in first place in points (won every race so far), and Eric is in second place in points.  Eric and Evan are the only shifter drivers in the standings to have podium finishes every race they entered this season.

June 20, KRA #6

Evan Batt  wins KRA #6

Eric was out of town and did not race, but Evan did.  The surprise was how strong Colton Aldridge ran, as he updated his motor with a new cylinder, pipe and silencer.  Evan still took pole and won the race, but Colton stayed within striking distance throughout the race.  Evan's sweep of the KRA shifter races continues.

June 6, KRA #5

Evan and Eric were on there own without support from Andy, as he was out of town.  For the first time this year, Evan did not have the fastest qualifying time as Joe Ruch was almost 4 tenths faster.  Eric has his worst KRA shifter qualifying and came in 5th.

The race was a different story, as Evan had a good start and pulled away by over a second a lap.  Eric moved to third, but was not able to catch Ruch.

May 23, KRA #4

There was a great turnout, and great weather at New Castle!  The track was in the "Iron Man" configuration.  Evan continued his dominance in the shifter class.  The race for second was close, but Eric got second and Ron Peterson third.

Evan Batt KRA4

May 15-16, SKUSA Central States Challenge 1 and 2

Evan Batt wins SKUSA CSC2Evan Batt wins SKUSA CSC S2, Photo by David Lee

After winning every KRA and GLPS race we entered, Evan and Eric were anxious to see what competition SKUSA would bring.  Two Central States S2 drivers, Derek Crockett and Lukas Johnson, were expected to be tough competition.

Eric could not race Saturday, so the podium battle was between Evan, Derek  and Lukas.  Evan (with his DDR powered TonyKart) won the pole, and first heat race, and finished 2nd in the last heat race.  Derek and Lukas gave Evan a great battle as the three checked out from the rest of the field.  Late in the race Derek attempted to pass Lukas for the lead and got his front wheel locked between Lukas's rear tire and bumper.  As Evan attempted to pass the tangled karts he struck Derek breaking the two karts free (undamaged) while he suffered a severely bent tie rod and could not battle to the finish.  Evan finished 3rd in his first SKUSA feature.

On Sunday, Eric (in his DDR powered Zanardi) joined Evan in the S2 battle.  Eric qualified 4th behind Evan (Pole), Lukas, and Derek.  He proved his skills at the standing start by powering from 4th to 1st by the first turn! 

Eric Batt leads the SKUSA CSC2

Eric was just a couple tenths behind Derek's pace in the Sunday events as the real race was between Evan and Lukas.  Evan won both heat races by comfortable margins.  Lukas stepped up for the 20 lap feature and closed the gap in the final laps. Lukas got around Evan when he got caught  with lapped traffic, but Evan passed back in the next turn.  Evan held on the the victory!

Lukas Johnson and Evan Batt

May 2, KRA #3

Race 2 was postponed due to weather, and Race 3 ran under the threat of rain.  While Evan took the pole and won the race by a 12 second margin, Eric narrowed the gap in this race, and Eric was able to pull away from the rest of the field.  DDR power was looking especially impressive!

 Evan Batt

Eric Batt

April 18, Great Lakes Pro Race #1

Evan wins GLPS #1

Eric in GLPS Race 1

Evan and Eric entered the Great Lakes Pro Series Race 1 at NCMP.  Evan dominated every session!  Eric qualified second and battled with Ron Peterson all day, but finished second in a photo finish.  DDR power wins again!

more photos...

April 3, KRA Race 1

Finally (after one weather delay) the first race of the season.  Evan and Eric get their first opportunity to race together in the shifter class with their new karts.  Eric was quickest in both practice sessions, but Evan took the pole and Eric was second fastest.  Joe Ruch was a few tenths behind Eric.  The rest of the field was not on the same pace.  Weather was an issue as it started to rain during the shifter qualifying session, and many racers chose not to stay for the finals.   

KRA1 Shifter Start

Several classes qualified in the rain, and the first 4 finals were in the rain.  As the skies cleared there was a delay to allow the track to dry. 

The first few laps of the shifter race was a constant battle between Evan, Eric and Joe Ruch.  They were passing each other several times and running three wide at times!  Evan began to pull away with Eric in second place when Joe tucked under Eric in turn 4 clipping Eric's kart causing Eric to go off track.  Eric closed the gap, but could not catch Joe in the remaining laps (races were reduced to 8 laps).  Both karts had their first battle scars (below)

KRA1 Eric Batt

KRA1 Evan Batt


January - Preparing for 2010

After our first year with a "Stock Moto" shifter kart, we are preparing to run two new shifter karts for 2010.  Eric replaced his Zanardi with an new (updated) 2010 Kz1, and While Evan chose a Tony Kart Krypton.  Both will be powered by DDR prepared Honda CR125 engines.  We found the DDR Stock Moto was very fast and reliable.  The engine maintenance mainly consisted of a couple of piston kits (approx $120 each), and some transmission oil.  We saved thousands of dollars compared to our experience with TaG motors!


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Summary and Archives

  • 2011 Archive
    Eric wins the TaG World Finals (Stock Moto Class), and wins the KRA Shifter Championship, along with his first victory in a SKUSA and GLPS race.

    Evan raced a limited season and won a KRA TaG race along with a KRA Shifter race (after Eric locked up the season championship.
  • 2010 Archive
    Evan sweeps the first 11 KRA Shifter races for a perfect season, and is awarded Senior Driver of the Year.

    Eric locked up second place in the KRA shifter class.
  • 2009 Archive
    Eric wins several Stock Moto races.
    Eric competes at the SKUSA SuperNats.

    Evan enters only 2 KRA races and wins in both Shifter and TaG classes.
    Evan races WKA for MKP on a Birel.
  • 2008 Archive
    Evan wins KRA TaG Sr. Class.  Evan gets WKA Nat'l Podium.
    Evan almost wins RoboPong200.

    Eric gets 2nd TaG Sportsman.
  • 2007 Archive
    Evan wins KRA Yamaha Class.

    Eric gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.
  • 2006 Archive
    Evan gets 2nd in GLSS TaG.
    Evan gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.

    Eric's Rookie Year (Yamaha Jr.)
  • 2005 Archive
    Evan's rookie year (Yamaha Sr.)

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