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November 1, KRA Banquet

Evan accepts 1st place in the highly competitive TaG USA Senior class, and Eric finishes 2nd in the crowded TaG Sportsman class. Andy finished 8th in Spec TaG Masters in his rookie year.

October 5, KRA #14 Final Race of the Season!

Evan and Eric were on their own for the final race, as Andy was out of town on business. Evan qualified 2nd behind Ron Peterson. In the race, Evan lead the first several laps, then traded back and forth with Brandon Newey. On the final lap Brandon dropped a wheel causing Evan to also go off track. In a close finish Newey finished first, Peterson second, and Evan third. This finish gave Evan enough points to win the season championship!

Eric chose to use Andy's kart due to the unresolved problems with his kart. Eric made some adjustments to the kart and qualified 4th out of 23. Eric looked even stronger in the race, and took the kart into 2nd place on the first lap. Unfortunately the crankshaft broke late in the race for a DNF. Eric should have enough point to finish 2nd pace in points for the TaG Sportsman class.

October 4, KRA #4 (make up)

Eric, Evan and Andy all raced this event. The track was configured backwards in the Ironman 150 configuration. Andy raced first and finished 8th after qualifying 10th out of 16 drivers. Evan was next and started on the pole. His final races were critical as he had a narrow lead on Jimmy Simpson and Brandon Newey. Evan lead the first 6 laps, but Newey caught and passed Evan on lap 7. Evan finished a very close 2nd. Eric raced last, and had been suffering problems with the motor losing power exiting turns and qualified 13th. Our corrections were not successful, and he pulled in on the 3rd lap.

September 28, RoboPong 200 Endurance Race

Evan partnered with Jimmy Simpson and Team Simpson Racing, while Eric teamed up with Mike Bayden and Zanardi USA. Jimmy and Evan overcame struggles including they discovered a cracked frame after a disappointing 21st qualifying position (out of 84). They were also run off track a couple times in the race. They ran a near perfect race, and were closing in on the leader in the final laps. Jimmy was driving the final stint, and passed Billy Lewis just before the checkered flag (0.03 second victory). Billy had two wheels in the dirt at the finish, and could not navigate the first turn and drove his kart through the fence. We soon discovered that a young corner worker had called a penalty on our team earlier for passing on a yellow. This was disappointing as the driver Jimmy passed was having trouble and waved him by! The result of a 10 second penalty was an "official" 2nd place finish. Congratulation to Billy and Jeremy, as they too ran a great race.

September 6, KRA #13

The track configuration was not only backwards, but was different than any previous race using unusually sharp low speed turns. Evan qualified 2nd, Eric 3rd, and Andy 7th. Andy had a great start and gained a few positions on the first lap, and finished 5th. Evan had a good race with the lead karts changing positions on the first few laps before the spread out, and Evan finished 3rd. Eric ran a solid race and also finished 3rd.

August 30, KRA #12

After four week break since KRA #11, we returned for a day of racing the track backwards. Evan was quick to get his setup, while Eric struggled with carburetor and setup issues. Andy qualified 9th, Evan qualified 2nd, and Eric only got 2 qualifying laps and was 9th.

Andy raced first and finished 9th. Evan had a great start and took the early lead, but jimmy Simpson came on strong, passed Evan, and pulled away. Evan proved to have the better setup for the long haul, and caught Jimmy and won the race! Eric started 9th, but we made several changes before the race to improve the kart. The changes were dead on, and Eric improved 4 positions on the first lap. Eric continued to run strong and finished 3rd!

August 15-17, WKA Manufacturer's Cup NationalsMan Cup TaG Podium

Evan entered the final round of the Nationals representing Jay Vormwald and Sharing Success Racing on a Zanardi chassis with our Comet Leopard. Jay is highly respected in the karting industry as being a premier tuner and driver coach. Evan and Grant Schilling were teammates in the TaG class amongst over 40 entries. Although Evan raced a Zanardi for the Riley race, this was the first time in the smaller tube chassis. In Saturdays race Evan started the final in 6th, but suffered from ill-handling setup and dropped to 11th.

Sunday was a better day in most respects as the team had a better handle on the setup. Evan qualified 9th, but in the pre-final got caught in bad position and was freight trained by several karts. Evan started the final in 13th, and proved to be fast enough to advance through the field. He and fellow local, Jimmy Simpson, caught the lead pack on the last lap, when mayhem occurred with karts flipping and colliding between turns 2 and 3. CJ Linter flipped end over end landing upside down spinning like a top! Evan was thrown into the air landing in the grass on the front left corner. Evan was able to keep the kart running and proceed to the scales as the combined red flag, checkered flag was dropped. Once the scoring was complete Evan was 3rd, and Grant was 6th! Evan's friends Jimmy Simpson was 5th, Billy Lewis was 2nd, and CJ Linter survived the wicked crash (with some bruises and abrasions).

August 3, KRA #11

After a couple weeks off, we returned to the KRA points chase with three fresh motors. A broken clutch on Eric's kart kept Eric and Andy from taking advantage of the morning practice sessions, but we were ready for qualifying. Andy qualified 5th, Eric 6th, and Evan 3rd.

In Senior TaG USA, Jimmy Simpson and Brandon Newey pulled away on the first couple laps, but Evan began closing in. On lap 5 Brandon passed Jimmy, then Evan moved past Jimmy, and took the lead in lap 7. On lap 10 of the 12 lap race, Evan's piston stuck resulting in a very disappointing DNF. Eric's race was equally disappointing, as on the first lap another driver turned into Eric's line, and Eric's kart landed on top of the other (resulting in another DNF). Andy had a good start but spun on the 4th lap and dropped to 9th.


July 23, Race for Riley

Evan tested a Zanardi kart in this charity fund raiser race, driving for Sharing Success Racing Team.

Tony Stewart made an appearance, and John Andretti raced the rental karts in several events including with local mascots, sponsors and media staff. Pictured below is Boomer (Indiana Pacers mascot), and Blue (Indianapolis Colts) racing with Andretti.

July 13, KRA #10

Very little went as planned, but the results were good for Eric and Evan considering the circumstances. Due to repairs on the Gillard, Evan and Eric planned to race the same Arrow kart. During Eric's qualifying run the motor failed, but he still qualified 3rd despite only one hot lap. We began scrambling to prepare the Gillard for Evan's qualifying, and the Margay 1.7 for Eric. Evan qualified 3rd despite not having any practice laps to set up the Gillard. Andy qualified 10th in the Spec TaG Masters class.

Andy raced first, and had moved up in the field before making a mistake and spinning in turn 2 of the third lap. Andy passed some karts to finish 10th. Evan was next to race. Billy Lewis, Jimmy Simpson, and Evan pulled away from the field and battled the entire race. Jimmy won, Evan was second, and Billy third. We barely got Eric to the grid in the Margay 1.7 in time for the race. He was forced to start at the rear since it was not the kart qualified. It was also the first race for this kart since it was converted from a Yamaha to a TaG, and Eric had never driven this kart! He moved through the field for a 4th place finish!

July 6, KRA #9

After qualifying the rained delayed KRA #8 races were first on the agenda, including Eric's TaG Sportsman race. Eric started on the pole, and battled again with Drew Able resulting in another second place finish. Later in the day the KRA #9 race resulted in the same second place finish behind Drew.

Evan qualified a disappointing 5th of 18 with a newly rebuilt motor. In the race, Evan was battling with Ron Peterson, Jimmy Simpson and Marshall Vortriede when the motor suddenly stopped. The problem proved to be an electrical connection to the stator that came apart (the retaining clip failed). This unfortunate incident resulted in a t 16th place finish.

Andy qualified 7th of 17he Spec TaG Masters, and the race was eventful. Several karts spun on the first lap, and Andy avoided contact. A few laps later, a kart lost control as Andy was passing and tire to tire contact sent Andy's kart airborne into the grass! Most karts passed before he could get back on track, and Andy finished 15th.

July 5, Route 66

Andy was persuaded to participate in this popular series in the TaG Masters/Heavy class at New Castle Motorsports Park. Andy missed qualifying due to a broken seat support, but repaired it in time for the heat race and finished 2nd behind Bill Friddle. In the final Andy finished 4th

June 28-June 29, Ironman 150 Endurance Race

Evan competed in the first NCMP Ironman 150 using the Arrow AX-9. This is a one driver endurance race of 150 miles! He proved to be the fastest kart in the timed practice sessions, but was off pace for the qualifying. The race started just after a hard rain, and nearly everyone switched to rain tires. After 20 laps on a drying track the rain tires were destroyed. Evan just was not as fast as the lead karts, and a long pit stop resulted in finishing 17th.

June 21, KRA #8

Following up from his first win, Eric got the pole in Tag Sportsman for the first time! Evan also took pole in TaG USA, and Andy qualified 6th. Evan won the TaG USA race for his third consecutive win, and took the points lead. Andy had a good start in Spec TaG Masters and move up a position, but the motor began missing resulting in a DNF. Eric's race was postponed due to a thunderstorm.

June 7-June 8. KRA Double Header #6 and #7

Due to heavy rain and lightening, KRA 6 was postponed and both races were on Sunday June 7. A single qualifying session would determine the starting order for both races. The races were backwards using part of the new course and oval. Evan took pole, and won both TaG USA races. Although he lead several laps in the first, and every lap in the second race, both races were very close with Billy Lewis finishing second. Eric qualified 2nd in TaG Sportsman and finished 2nd in the first race and won the second race by passing Drew Able on the last lap with only two turns to go. Eric moved into second place in season points. Andy qualified 6th and finished 5th and 6th.

May 30 - June 1, Stars of Karting Race of Americas

Evan entered the Stars of Karting event at NCMP as part of the Screaming Talent Team, hoping to improve on his results from 2007. We had difficulty getting the kart right for the conditions, and seemed to be going the wrong direction on Friday practice sessions. Friday night storms and tornados passed through the area and destroyed the our team tent. A two hour delay was declared as several teams had extra work to prepare for the event. Evan made good adjustments to the kart, and qualified 6th in TaG group A, and 10th overall out of 50 entries. The Heat Races were a challenge as Evan lost positions, and the motor was running lean and lacking on bottom end. To prepare for the feature races on Sunday we switched to a fresh back up motor, and Evan moved from 18th to 11th in a very strong field. For the second final, Evan looked good for the first two laps until he got tangled with another kart and dropped 15 positions. With a bent steering column he recovered several positions and finished 29th.

May 19, KRA #5

Due to very heavy storms, KRA #4 (May 11) was postponed and rescheduled for late in the season. KRA #5 was a much more relaxed day as we chose to only race one class per driver. Evan and Eric responded with second place finishes in each of their races! Both races were very close. Eric moved from qualifying eighth place in TaG Sportsman to a battle for first place. Eric also had the fastest lap of the race. Evan qualified 3rg in TaG USA and took the lead on the first lap. Evan maintained the lead for 9 laps, when his friend Jimmy Simpson passed in the draft. Evan nearly pulled off a pass in the final straight, but Simpson won the race by .175 seconds. In Spec TaG Masters, Andy qualified 10th and moved up to a 7th place finish.

April 27, KRA #3

We tested and prepared the day before, and were ready to race. Unfortunately, we had numerous mechanical failures on Evan's Yamaha kart, and the Andy 's TaG crankshaft broke during qualifying! Then Evan's qualified at the back in Yamaha when the axel set screws came loose. In TaG USA Evan was the fastest kart (according to his MyChron) but he did not have a transponder on the kart (Evan had to start the race at the back). Eric qualified 15th in TaG USA and 4th in TaG Sportsman.

Evan first raced the KRA #2 make up race for Yamaha, and immediately pulled way from the pack for his first race win of the year. Later in the day Evan raced again in Yamaha for KRA #3, starting at the back of the field. By the third lap he moved to first place, and finished with another comfortable victory.

The TaG USA race proved to be one of the most dramatic ever. The field was packed with talented drivers including Mark Dismore Senior, Jimmy Simpson (2007 KRA Jr. Double Class Champion), Billy Lewis (2006 TaG World Champion), CJ Linter (WKA Class Champion). Evan moved from last (19th) to 10th on the first lap. On lap 4 he was beside 5th place kart (Ben Payne) when wheel to wheel contact threw both carts off track and air borne. This was Evan's most severe crash to date, as he hit the ground hard and bent the axel and body work and damaged a new helmet. On the last turn of the last lap, two of the lead karts (Jimmy Simpson and Mark Dismore) made contact. Simpson's kart went into the air and into a horrific flip and tumble. Simpson and his kart slid upside down through the grass and back onto the asphalt! Everyone was relieved when Simpson jumped to his feet and seemed un-phased. Eric finished 10th, and Evan was last (due to the crash).

In TaG Sportsman Eric was finally able to race without mechanical failure. Eric started and finished 3rd for his first podium finish this year.

April 20, KRA #2

The day after the Purdue Grand Prix and several karts still needed to be prepared and pass season tech inspection. Rain in the morning delayed the racing and gave move time to prepare the karts. Eric also needed to prepare his rebuilt motor. To help dry the track, adult racers were asked to drive their cars. Evan and Eric both helped by doing laps in our Mazda Sport wagon.

Andy qualified 10th of 13 with 3rd through 10th within 1 second of each other. On first race lap Andy was caught in a multi car spin on damp section of track. Andy finished 9th.

Evan and Eric raced TaG USA and qualified 10th & 12th. This was Evan's first race of the season, and the first in the Gillard. Evan was not satisfied with his qualifying, and continued to tune the carb settings during the race. He continued to improve his lap speed and position and finished 6th. Eric finished 13th in the crowed class of 23 karts.

Eric's bad luck continued in TaG Sportsman. He qualified 3rd, but as the prepared to get the green flag his spark plug fouled!

One of the final races was Evan's Yamaha Can, but rain came and darkness was approaching. The final races were postponed to the following week.

April 19, Purdue Grand Prix

As a Purdue freshman, Evan entered the Purdue Grand Prix representing his dorm (Meredith Hall). Evan and his crew spent several days working on the kart, and had the motor rebuilt by Comet. On his first practice session the third bearing support came off in a practice lap and the crank bent. Evan was forced to qualify on an old practice motor, but still qualified 9th. Comet repaired the motor in time for the race.

Once the race started, Evan proved to be one of the fastest karts. He began passing the karts ahead of him, and was moving into second place on lap 25 when the motor failed. After missing dozens of laps in the pits, the team repaired an ignition wire that was shorting out.

Evan went back on track with virtually no chance of a good finish. He proved to be the fastest kart on the track! He passed nearly every kart on the track and made of several laps on most! He was getting close to passing the race leader (Evan was still several laps behind), when contact with a slower kart ended Evan's race.

Congratulations to the race winner, Jon Laski, who also races at New Castle Motorsports Park and was using a Comet tuned motor.

April 6, KRA #1

The first race of the season! Evan could not race because he was at the Stars of Karting event in Ocala, FL assisting the Screaming Talent Team. Eric planned to race the TaG USA and TaG Sportsman events, and it was Andy's first race (Spec TaG Masters).

On Eric's first lap of qualifying for TaG Sportsman, his chain and motor failed with a broken crank shaft! Shelly immediately drove two hours home and back to get a spare motor for Eric. As a result of this, Eric could not compete in TaG USA. He started at the back of the field in TaG Sportsman. In the race, Eric moved from last place (24th), to 6th place. After contact with another kart, Eric dropped a few positions and finished 8th.

Andy qualified 6th in a field of 14 in Spec TaG Masters. Andy lost a couple positions in his first race start, but ran a solid race. He finished 7th, ahead of many experienced racers.

March 15, NCMP Track Opens

Opening day was cold and damp! We set up the garage and got laps in on the three TaG karts. Most of the laps were on a wet track.

March 12, Press Release

Screaming Talent Racing, the North American importer of the Gillard chassis is pleased to announce the addition of Evan Batt to their team for the 2008 season. Evan will compete in the TaG class with a Gillard “Charlotte” chassis and an “H Power” Parilla Leopard motor.

Screaming Talent is first class, and I am looking forward to representing them, and the Gillard chassis for 2008,” said Evan Batt. Evan is a 2007 Kart Racers of America class champion at the New Castle Motorsports Park. The young Indiana resident has competed in the World Karting Association Manufacturer’s Cup Presented by Mazda, and the Snap-on Stars of Karting Presented by the Indy Racing League. Evan is a Graduate of Noblesville High School in Indiana, and is now a freshman in the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.

The Screaming Talent team comes from the UK and brings a wide variety of experience from Europe to the U.S. “I am very excited for Evan to be on a Gillard, I am sure he will win a lot of races at New Castle Motorsports Park. All of us at Screaming Talent are looking forward to watching Evan succeed in 2008.” stated team principal and Indy Racing League driver Jay Howard.

For more information on Evan Batt and the entire Screaming Talent team stayed tuned to

March 11, RJR CANO Cup

Evan and his friend Brandon Merrell participate in the Crystal Flash team victory for the annual RJR competition at Fast Times Indoor Karting Center.

January 2008

Evan's Arrow AX-9 CIK is for sale. Watch for more information soon on Evan's chassis plans for 2008. Evan does not plan to run a full season of WKA or STARS due to focusing on his freshman year at Purdue University. Evan does plan a full season at New Castle Motorsports Park in both Senior TaG and Senior Yamaha Can. Eric will also compete in Senior TaG with the Arrow AX-9 we purchased late in the 2007 season. Andy plans to run the Spec TaG in the Masters class.

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Summary and Archives

  • 2011 Archive
    Eric wins the TaG World Finals (Stock Moto Class), and wins the KRA Shifter Championship, along with his first victory in a SKUSA and GLPS race.

    Evan raced a limited season and won a KRA TaG race along with a KRA Shifter race (after Eric locked up the season championship.
  • 2010 Archive
    Evan sweeps the first 11 KRA Shifter races for a perfect season, and is awarded Senior Driver of the Year.

    Eric locked up second place in the KRA shifter class.
  • 2009 Archive
    Eric wins several Stock Moto races.
    Eric competes at the SKUSA SuperNats.

    Evan enters only 2 KRA races and wins in both Shifter and TaG classes.
    Evan races WKA for MKP on a Birel.
  • 2008 Archive
    Evan wins KRA TaG Sr. Class.  Evan gets WKA Nat'l Podium.
    Evan almost wins RoboPong200.

    Eric gets 2nd TaG Sportsman.
  • 2007 Archive
    Evan wins KRA Yamaha Class.

    Eric gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.
  • 2006 Archive
    Evan gets 2nd in GLSS TaG.
    Evan gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.

    Eric's Rookie Year (Yamaha Jr.)
  • 2005 Archive
    Evan's rookie year (Yamaha Sr.)

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