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December 1, KRA Awards Banquet

Eric finished 2nd in Senior Spec TaG, behind the 2007 KRA Driver of the Year (Michael Busse).

Evan finished the year as the class champion in Senior Yamaha Can, and second place in Senior TaG USA. Class Champions received life size stand-ups courtesy of Margison Graphics. Evan and his friend Joseph Newgarden pose with their stand-ups.

October 14, Mazda RoboPong 200

On Friday practice, both karts proved to among the fastest in the field. Troubles began in the Friday practice session as the National Transportation Consultants team was involved in a contact that caused significant damage. Working late they had the kart ready for Saturday qualifying, but came in 51st out of nearly 100 karts. The top 50 made the race, and the rest of the field had to race a consolation race for the final 20 positions. Eric Batt and Erik Bennett finished 7th and made the race!

The Crystal Flash team (Evan Batt and Eric Morrow) started 11th and tem NTCI started 57th. After 50 laps Crystal Flash was in 6th, and NTCI had moved to position 41. Crystal Flash continued to run with the leaders until lap 140. The reed cage came loose requiring a lengthy pits stop as the bolts are buried behind the carburetor. The NTCI team suffered only minor issues until the chain came off, requiring a trip in on the gator.

NTCI finished 28th and Crystal Flash finished 39th.

October 7, New Graphics for Mazda RoboPong 200 Race

Margison Graphics prepared new wraps for both teams

Arrow with Crystal Flash graphics

September 29, WKA Nationals at NCMP

Evan was on home turf for the final round of the WKA Manufacturers Cup National at New Castle Motorsports Park. There were over 500 entries for the largest field of the year! Evan qualified 12th in TaG and 8th in Yamaha Senior Can (in the new Margay chassis).

The biggest disappointment of the weekend being eliminated from the heat race on the first lap by a reckless spin by John Mossie directly in front of Evan. The impact bent the axel in his kart. Evan could not overcome starting the final near the back of the 30 kart final. Many of the top local drivers suffered set backs as Evan, Jimmy Simpson, Brandon Jenkins, Robert Stout, Matt Codalata, and Mark Dismore Jr. all started the final in the back half of the field. Last years TaG World Champion (Billy Lewis) did not even make the field!

The Yamaha event was much more exciting, as Evan moved from 8th to 5th in the pre-final. Although we still did not satisfied with the kart set up in the final, Evan was in a close battle wtih Mike Giessen, Brandon Adkins, and Ryan Stewart. Mark Dismore Jr. won the race with a comfortable lead, while the next six karts all finished within 1 second of each other. Evan appeared to be third, but the transponders recorded Brandon Adkins .006 seconds ahead of Evan!

September 24, NTCI sponsors Eric Batt and Erik Bennett

National Transportation Consultants, Inc. sponsors the 200 Mile Endurance Race entry of Eric Batt and Erik Bennett. National Transportation Consultants is dedicated to being your safety and regulatory expert. You can count on us to provide expert guidance to keep your safety and risk management programs on track.

September 22-23, GLSS

Because of the cracked frame on the Margay Yamaha Can kart, we purchased a new 2007 replacement. Evan raced in the GLSS at NCMP since it would be his only opportunity to work on a setup for the new chassis. There were numerous other "national" teams at this event preparing for the up coming WKA Nationals. We completed the kart in time for qualifications, but did not get any testing in advance. Evan was 1.2 seconds off pace in qualifying, but continued to improve in the heat race and feature (where he was within two tenths of the race winner). Evan should be ready for the WKA Nationals with a little more fine tuning.

Eric decided to enter the TaG USA race on Sunday. This was his second race n the new Arrow AX9 and his first race at TaG USA weights. Eric qualified 8th or 10, but improved 5th in the final.

September 16, KRA #12

The final KRA was a busy event, as we had karts entered in 6 events! Eric and Evan each had their teammates for the endurance race one of our TaG karts to get seat time in an event prior to the 200 mile endurance race. We had 6 different driver/kart combinations!

Evan and Eric each had podium finishes in their events. Their teammates each had top 10 finishes.

September 11, Batt Motorsports enters two teams in the Endurance Race!

Evan Batt and Eric Morrow will again be teammates for the 2007 Endurance Race. Eric has Morrow has finished his rookie season in Formula BMW as top North American rookie!

Eric Batt and his friend Erik Bennett will team up using the Spec TaG chassis. Erik Bennett completed his rookie karting season in third place (Evan Batt won the class), and looked very strong in his first TaG test sessions. Eric and Erik will also be competing for extra prize money for the top three NCMP Spec chassis!

September 1, KRA #11

Eric's continues to improve, and had his best race of the season. It started with qualifying only .084 seconds behind the class champion Michael Busse. Eric started on the outside, but took the lead at the start. Busse had a poor start, but worked back to second place on the the third lap. Busse made several attempts in the draft to pass Eric, but Eric would brake late into the turns and maintain the lead. On lap 7 Michael successfully passed, and finished first. Eric was close behind in second place. Eric has a podium finish in all but two events, with one to go.

Evan did not race in Yamaha since the season championship was already assured. Evan qualified 2nd in Senior TaG USA behind Joseph Newgarden. Evan had a poor start and dropped to 4th, but quickly moved back to second. Evan could not catch Joseph and finished second, with Eddie Cheever in third and Ron Peterson forth.

August 19, KRA#10

We were scrambling since the first practice session when the Arrow TaG kart began to miss out in right hand turns (again)! Evan got one good lap in qualifying and took pole. Unfortunately, after working on the carburetor the problems became more severe for the race. We made last second adjustments, but in the first lap Evan began loosing positions. While running in the middle of the pack another driver made a reckless move and came through the grass running into Steve Knight and Evan. His kart suffered a severe bend in the rear axel and was out of the race.

Evan's Senior Yamaha race was another typical race where he pulled away from all the others in his class and finished first.

In Spec TaG, Eric had a disappointing qualifying session as he came in 6th of 12. Eric was much more impressive in the race, as he gained two positions on the start and continued to move up to a second place finish.

August 5, KRA#9

Evan was prepared for Senior TaG after finally resolving the intermittent fuel issue, but there was increased competition as several racers competed to prepare for the final WKA National coming to New Castle (including Mark Dismore Senior, Mark Dismore Jr., Brandon Jenkins, Eddie Cheever, and C.J. Lintner). Evan qualified 4th, but was ready for the race. Evan moved into the lead on the third lap, and maintained the lead until the checkered flag.

Eric qualified 4th in Spec TaG, but had a poor start dropping to the back of the pack on the first lap. He again demonstrated his improving skills as he worked through the field passing all but the two lead karts, for another podium finish!

Evan started his Yamaha feature with a perfect record of 8 first place finishes. This race was much like all the others as the Senior Yamaha Can class starts at the back, with Masters class (35 years and older) ahead, and the more powerful Yamaha and HPV Pipes starting up front. Evan was on the pole, and pulled ahead of his class and passed all the Masters karts. Unfortunately, a novice HPV driver made a reckless maneuver into Evan's kart knocking out his valve stem and causing a flat tire. The same reckless driver also crashed the leading Masters class driver and nearly crashed two other karts!

July 30 - Aug 1, Road America

Evan attends Skip Barber Racing School at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Evan participated in the three day racing school, and had a great time learning the tactics necessary to drive a race car. Evan showed dramatic improvement over the course of three days and would like to thank the instructors and staff for an extremely enjoyable experience.

July 21, WKA Nationals at Beaver Run, PA

After finally resolving the issues with the Arrow TaG missing out, we were very disappointed to have minor mechanical problems lead to poor results at Beaver Run. After improving from 15th to 9th in the first lap of the pre-final, the airbox came off! This moved Evan to the back for the TaG final and he finished 20th. In Yamaha, Evan started in the back and was improving to a top ten position when the exhaust can flew off, for a DNF and 20th place finish.

July 15, KRA#8

Eric continued with another podium finish despite qualifying towards the back. Eric had contact with other karts and went off the track a couple of times, but passed several karts to finish 3rd.

Evan continued his perfect season with another first place in Senior Can. Senior TaG USA presented several difficulties. Again, the engine started stumbling out of some of the right hand turns. We continued to replace parts, and replaced the stator prior to qualifying. On the out lap of the qualifying session the kart died before Evan got a timed lap. Later it appeared to be broken coil wire. We repaired this and were disappointed to find the kart ran, but still had the problems in right hand turns. Evan raced in the unlimited class, so we could test a different ignition box, and still had problems. At the end of the day we sent the motor for a rebuild. and packed for the next WKA National in Pennsylvania.

July 1, KRA#7

Another good week, and Eric continues to improve in the Spec TaG class. Eric qualified 3rd, and early in the race Alex McDonald spun in front of Eric, blocking the track. Eric slowed and maneuvered around, but fell back from the lead karts. Eric drove well and chased down all but the first place kart.

Evan took pole in both Yamaha and TaG USA. The TaG race turned into a battle between Evan, Joseph Newgarden and IPS driver Jay Howard. Evan appeared to have the best kart, and took the lead back with three laps to go. Unfortunately the motor was cutting out exiting turn two, and he was also having brake problems. Evan could not make up for the time he lost due to these problems, and he finished third. In the Yamaha class Evan pulled away and finished with a comfortable lead over the rest of the class.

June 16, WKA Grand Nationals at Shawano, Wisconsin

Evan traveled north to the USA International Raceway for the WKA Manufacturer's Cup Grand Nationals. The facility was very impressive and challenging with the greatest elevation changes Evan has faced.

TaG was again the most competitive class with over 40 entries (and only the top 30 make the race). A rain shower arrived shortly before TaG qualifying, causingimg align="right" border="0" height="285" src="images/Shw%20Podium.jpg" width="200" /> all teams to convert from slicks to rain tires. The rain stopped, and the track began drying as TaG qualifying proceeded, during which Evan qualified 4th. Evan qualified 9th in Yamaha Senior Sportsman (in dry conditions).

In the Tag pre-final Evan lost one position and finished 5th. While in the Yamaha pre-final, Evan improved one position and finished 8th. We made changes to both karts to prepare for the finals, as both were slightly off the pace of the leaders.

TThe changes for the TaG looked good at first, as Evan improved to third position on the first lap. Soon the kart became loose, and Evan lost some positions to finish 9th. The changes for the Yamaha panned out, as Evan was on pace with the leaders but could not catch the lead pack after they broke the draft. Evan finished 4th for his first podium in a WKA Grand National Event!

June 10, KRA #6 (half way through 12 race season)

Eric qualified 4th, and was in battle with several karts for second place, as Michael Busse pulled ahead of the pack. Eric finished second place, and returns to the lead in points for Senior Spec TaG!

Evan's day was a challenge as he was the fastest kart in Senior TaG qualifying, but forgot his transponder (as it was still on his Yamaha kart). Since he did not have official times for qualifying, Evan had to start the race at the back of the pack. Evan was up to the challenge, and moved from P12 to P6 on the first lap! Evan continued to advance and moved to second place on the eighth lap. Evan could not catch Joseph Newgarden (who started on the pole) in the 12 lap race. Evan maintains the point lead in Senior TaG USA./font>

IIn Yamaha Senior Can, Evan continued his perfect record by taking the pole and finishing first.

June 3, KRA #2 (rescheduled from April 7)

Eric ran well despite qualifying 6th, as he advanced into 4th at the start of the race. Eric consistently drove well and finished 3rd for another podium! Eric maintains second place in points for the season.

Evan had a challenging Senior TaG race. He qualified 3rd (a few hundredths of a second behind Billy Lewis and Joseph Newgarden). At the start of the race, Billy had a slow start which also blocked Evan. Surprisingly Evan dropped to eighth place on the first lap. Evan made a charge and was moving through the pack when another driver forced someone into Evan's path. Evan finished 7th despite have the second best lap time of the field. Evan continues to lead the Senior TaG USA points./font>

IIn Yamaha Senior Can, Evan continued his perfect record by taking the pole and finishing first.

May 19-20, Snap-on Stars of Karting

Due to recent Evan's successes, we entered the Stars of Karting Series for the New Castle events. This is the elite level of karting that includes the top drivers in the country and many international stars. Nearly all the drivers are on factory teams with professional tuners. Evan entered with his father as the mechanic.

In the timed practice sessions Evan proved to be one of the fastest drivers in the field, posting the third quickest time on Friday. On Saturday Evan qualified a disappointing 17th after misjudging the setup. Things turned around in the heat race however, as Evan charged through the field to finish 6th. In the final, Evan quickly moved into 5th before a driver recklessly re-entered the track causing a collision that sent Evan off the track and into 22nd position. From there he advanced to 15th, but could not contend for a podium finish./font>

OOn Sunday Evan looked even better with a 10th place qualifying. After a small incident in the heat race, Evan was able to move up to 5th place, setting fast lap of the heat. However, we were devastated when the motor failed to run correctly at the start of the final, completely eliminating Evan's chances of taking a victory. Afterwards a thorough inspection did not find any mechanical problems, and we believe the culprit was dirt in the carburetor. The Snap-on Stars of Karting was a great challenge, but we were disappointed to be one of the fastest karts and come away empty handed!

May 14, Dreyer & Reinbold MINI Renews their Sponsorship

In time for the Stars of Karting event, Dreyer & Reinbold MINI renews their sponsorship for Batt Motorsports.

May 13, KRA Race #5

The second day of a double header weekend. Senior Tag was a battle that included many of the Stars of Karting drivers. Evan qualified 6th and finished 3rd behind Mark Dismore Senior and Billy Lewis, and had the fast lap of the race by nearly a half second. Later in the day Evan won another Yamaha Senior Can event. Eric finished the Spec TaG race at 6th. Evan still leads the points in both classes and Eric is second in Spec TaG.

May 12, KRA Race #4

The first day of a double header weekend. The field was packed as this event provided valuable practice For the Stars of Karting scheduled for the next weekend. In Senior Tag Evan moved from 6th to 2nd behind Conor Daly when he was forced off the track in the 9th lap and dropped to 7th. Evan moved up to 5th before the checkered flag on lap 12. In Yamaha Senior Can Evan continued his sweep with another victory. Eric faced increased competition in the Spec Tag Class and finished 6th.

WKA Man Cup Nationals Race #2 at South Bend, IN

Evan improved on his results in the Florida Nationals, but suffered severe setbacks after being involved in incidents in both classes. In the TaG class it was a crash on the first lap in the second turn of the heat race that broke his tie rod, forcing him to start in the back of the pack for the final. Evan was able to move from last to 15th position. A crash in the first turn of the first lap of the Yamaha final moved Evan to the back of the pack, forcing him to work his way back up to 9th position.

April 29, KRA Race #3

(Race #2 will be rescheduled due to weather)
Eric again did well, qualifying on the front row in the Spec Tag Senior class. Eric and our garage neighbor, Matt Padden, had an intense battle for second place. Eric finished second behind Michael Busse. Eric now leads in points!

Evan had another battle in TaG USA that included Mark ismore Sr. The race started with a major crash resulting in a red flag and complete restart. Evan challenged Mark Dismore for the lead early, but as Mark's tires improved in the race, Evan's had too much air pressure, causing the tires to overheat. Evan finished second, and continues to lead in Senior TaG USA points. Evan had another comfortable victory in Yamaha Senior Can, setting fast time by three tenths of a second. He continues to lead in points for Yamaha Senior Can as well.

April 22, Route 66 Race #1

The Route 66 Series season opening race resulted in some of the best racing we have seen!

Evan competed in TaG Lite and Yamaha Supercan Lite. The TaG event was scheduled immediately following the Yamaha, requiring Evan to run from one kart to the next as the TaG field waited on the grid! He did this for qualifying, the heat race and the feature race. While this added to the stress level, Evan excelled.

Evan was 3rd in Yamaha qualifying, only .086 seconds behind the pole. Evan took the pole in TaG, but Billy Lewis was only .033 seconds behind. Evan did not fare as well in the heat races, but started the feature races 4th in Yamaha, and 3rd in TaG.

The Yamaha race was exciting as five karts battled for the lead. Evan worked is way to the front of the pack and led part of the race, but finished 5th in a close race.

The TaG class was loaded with talent, as the field included Brandon Adkins (2006 Stars of Karting National Champion), Billy Lewis (2006 TaG World Championship winner), Monte Wilson (2006 KRA Tag USA Masters Champion), and Mark Dismore Sr. (track owner and accomplished Indy car racer), along with others. The race had a lot of contact and close racing at the front of the pack as the top 7 racers pulled away from the field. Evan took the lead on an aggressive move from 3rd to first in the final turn of the first lap. On the third lap Evan was involved in contact that resulted in him dropping to 5th. Evan and Mark Dismore drove fast consistent laps moving through the field. On the third turn of the ninth lap Brandon Adkins drove over top of Billy Lewis just in front of John Dixon and Evan. Evan took the lead with two to go and held on to win! John Dixon was second, and Mark Dismore Sr. finished third.

Evan now leads in points for TaG in Route 66 and KRA.

April 1, KRA Race #1

Batt Motorsports took 3 poles, two first place finishes, and a second place finish!

Eric moved from the Yamaha Junior Can class to the much faster Senior Spec TaG class that Evan raced last year. Eric showed improved skill and maturity in the Spec TaG class, and appears to be ready to contend with the front runners. He won the pole, and the race was very close. Eric made some late moves attempting to regain the lead, but finished second.

Evan won the pole in both Senior TaG USA and Yamaha Senior Can. The TaG class was extremely competitive, with most of last years racers returning and several new racers in the class this year. Evan was 4 tenths faster than the second place qualifier, while the next 5 karts were within one tenth of each other. The race was a battle between Evan and his friend Joseph Newgarden. Joseph set the fast lap of the race on the final lap, but Evan won the race by two tenths of a second!

WKA Manufacturer's Cup Margay Winter Nationals, Jacksonville, FL

Evan debuted in the WKA Manufacturers Cup National event in both Senior TaG (in the new Arrow AX-9) and Yamaha Senior Sportsman (in our Margay). The track was new to Evan, and we had very limited time to test and adjust the setup for both karts.

Evan qualified 5th of 56 entries in TaG! Evan was the only Arrow in the top 10, as he qualified well ahead of the Arrow factory team. Evan continued to run in the top 10 during the heat race and the feature race until his right rear tire failed on lap 12 of the feature (ending his run).

In Senior Sportsman we never got the chassis sorted out, and Evan qualified 13th. He finished 14th. Although we are disappointed with the result, it was a good showing at his first WKA national event.

New Karts for 2007

For the 2007 season we will use three karts instead of two. We purchased a new Arrow AX9 and a Comet tuned Parilla Leopard motor package for Evan in to use in the TaG USA class at New Castle and in the WKA Manufacturers Cup.

We have also replaced his old Spec TaG with a new one that Eric will race in Senior Spec TaG at New Castle.

Evan will also race a Margay chassis with a Comet prepared Yamaha in the Senior Yamaha Can class. in the WKA Manufacturers Cup and the KRA series.

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Summary and Archives

  • 2011 Archive
    Eric wins the TaG World Finals (Stock Moto Class), and wins the KRA Shifter Championship, along with his first victory in a SKUSA and GLPS race.

    Evan raced a limited season and won a KRA TaG race along with a KRA Shifter race (after Eric locked up the season championship.
  • 2010 Archive
    Evan sweeps the first 11 KRA Shifter races for a perfect season, and is awarded Senior Driver of the Year.

    Eric locked up second place in the KRA shifter class.
  • 2009 Archive
    Eric wins several Stock Moto races.
    Eric competes at the SKUSA SuperNats.

    Evan enters only 2 KRA races and wins in both Shifter and TaG classes.
    Evan races WKA for MKP on a Birel.
  • 2008 Archive
    Evan wins KRA TaG Sr. Class.  Evan gets WKA Nat'l Podium.
    Evan almost wins RoboPong200.

    Eric gets 2nd TaG Sportsman.
  • 2007 Archive
    Evan wins KRA Yamaha Class.

    Eric gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.
  • 2006 Archive
    Evan gets 2nd in GLSS TaG.
    Evan gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.

    Eric's Rookie Year (Yamaha Jr.)
  • 2005 Archive
    Evan's rookie year (Yamaha Sr.)

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