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October 15, 2006, 200

Evan Batt (right) and Eric Morrow (left) joined as a team to compete in the 200 Endurance Race at New Castle Motorsports Park on October 15. This event included many professional race drivers such as Dan Weldon, Scott Dixon, Ricky Rudd, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and Tomas Schecter. The event was televised by Speed channel, but the air date has not been announced. The 200 was also covered by the WIBC,, and the local media. Coined the "Greatest Spectacle in Karting", this was certainly the most exciting race! Our sponsor, Dreyer and Reinbold, provided a MINI S as the Official Pace Car. Mark Dismore Sr. drove the Pace Car, and was absolutely thrilled with the way the MINI drove on the track!

Of 80 entries, only 56 made the event, and we qualified 9th. All was going as planned, except for some early contact and damage to our front. Early in the race on lap 11, Eric got tangled in traffic and dropped to position 46. By lap 21 Eric Morrow advanced us to 28th, but encountered a failure of a tie rod. We missed several laps and dropped to 52nd. Despite this we continued to do everything we could to advance through the field and advanced to 24th by lap 97. Our fuel stop dropped us to 34th, but we again worked our way up through the field. At lap 108 we were back up to 27th. Evan had trouble with the throttle linkage, which consumed several pit stops and ultimately prevented us from finishing in the money. We changed throttle cables and latter changed the carburetor! We ended the race at 28th.

October 7-8, 2006, TaG World Championship

This was Evan's first entry into a National event, and we faced several setbacks. However, Evan did prove he can compete with the worlds best! There were over 100 entries, and Evan was competing in the largest class -Tag Senior. As we prepared for the event we discovered a major crack in the chassis, which explained our troubles on the prior weekend. With the assistance of Rick Morrow, we put together a different Margay Chassis for the World Championship.

Evan was not pleased with his setup, but qualified 8th out of 25. Later that same day in the heat race, Evan was pushed off the track on the first lap! Evan dropped to the last position, but fought back to 14th. Evan was especially impressive in the Pre Final on Sunday, as he moved from 14th to 7th! Before going through the scales, the facility was evacuated due to a pipe bomb at the neighboring Flying J Truck Stop! This made a long day even longer.

Evan was well prepared for the feature race, but one of the other competitors ran wide into Evan's front wheel on the warm-up lap and severely bent his spindle! Evan spun but got back into position for the start, but the kart was no longer competitive. Evan was battling for position when he got tangled up in the last turn with two laps to go. Despite the damaged kart, Evan's lap times were still among the top 10.

October 1, 2006 KRA Race 14 (Final KRA Race)

Eric continued to improve with a 9th place qualifying and an 8th place finish in Junior Can. Our final week of KRA also served as a test session for the upcoming Endurance Race. Our teammate for the upcoming event, Eric Morrow, joined us and raced Evan's kart in the TaG USA class. Unfortunately we were chasing the set up all day. Eric Morrow qualified 4th in TaG USA and finished 6th. Evan qualified 2nd and finished 3rd in Spec TaG. After the events we began tearing down the kart and identified and corrected some issues with the chassis.

September 24, 2006 KRA Race 13

Evan and Andy traveled back from the Saturday GLSS race at South Bend to prepare for the Sunday KRA races at New Castle. Eric qualified 10th and finished 9th for another top 10 finish in this very competitive class. Evan continued his success by taking the pole in Spec TaG, and was 1.3 seconds faster than second place. In the feature event, Evan quickly pulled away from the pack and won the race.

Evan topped the weekend after the races when Mark Dismore allowed him to drive their new prototype Aixro Rotary powered kart. Evan recorded the fastest times in this prototype kart improving on times set by Billy Lewis, Mark Dismore Jr., and Mark Dismore Sr.! This kart had almost twice the horsepower of the Tag, four wheel brakes, and exceeded 90mph in the last straight.

September 23, 2006 GLSS Race 5 (Final Race)

For this race we borrowed a Veloce Chassis from a friend that should be better suited at MRP than our Margay Spec TaG Chassis. We traveled to South Bend Friday and made it in time for just one practice session before the track closed. It rained over night and continued to be wet or damp all day. Evan won the pole, won the heat race and won the feature race!

Despite winning two of the five races, after calculating drops Evan finished second in points for the year (behind Amanda Luba).

September 2, 2006 KRA Race 12

This was a very challenging weekend. Evan chose to race in TaG USA in addition to the Spec TaG class. This required adding and removing 30 lbs between the sessions. The minimum weight is 355lb for USA, and 385lb for Spec. When we attempted to start Evan's kart, the on board starter would not function. Although we could use a handheld starter, the on board starter may be critical in the event of needing to re-start the motor during a race. The failure may also have an affect on other components (depending on the cause). Unfortunately, in one of the practice sessions were also faced with an brake failure that required a rebuild of the calipers.

Eric was also challenged with a few setup and mechanical issues. Eric qualified 13th of 17, and finished 12th. We just could not get up to pace to be more competitive.

Evan qualified 8th in TaG USA, and 9th in Spec TaG. We were not pleased, after several weeks of qualifying 1st or 2nd. Starting the race mid pack brings a much greater risk of incidents (especially on the first lap) than when you are in the front row. Evan was involved in a crash on the first lap, but was able to avoid contact in a multi kart incident on the same lap. Evan finished 9th.

As we placed the kart on the grid for the Spec TaG race, the rear bumper cracked. This would not be significant except the exhaust pipe is supported by the bumper. We also discovered a broken brace on the radiator. We did what we could with duct tape and safety wire, and Evan raced. After a few laps the bumper was dragging, and the pipe was not supported. Evan was passing slower karts, but we did not want to risk greater mechanical failure so we had Evan black flagged (he did not finish the race). Evan completed 6 of 12 laps and received 12th place of 14. Chris Harding finished first, and Billy Lewis finished second.

August 26, 2006 GLSS Race 4

We traveled to Circleville, Ohio for the 4th of 5 races in the Great Lakes Sprint Series. Our prior test session helped Evan adjust to the track. He qualified second only .18 seconds behind Amanda Luba. However, in the heat race Evan managed to pass Amanda on the last lap to finish first. In the feature race Evan lead most of the laps, but as tire temperatures increased Evan's times slowed as Amanda's improved. Amanda passed Evan towards the end and Evan finished second.

August 20, 2006 KRA Race 11

The track was configured into a new configuration that we had never seen before. Statistically, Evan had a repeat of last week. He qualified second and finished second. The race was more eventful as one of the drivers had a dramatic crash through the fence in turn 4, causing the race to be black flagged. The ambulance came out on the track, but the driver was uninjured. His chassis was severely damaged.

Eric had a chance on Friday to break in his motor after the rebuild. Eric qualified 10th of 17, and moved up in his race to 9th.

After the race we packed everything in preparation for Evan's GLSS race on the 26th in Circleville, Ohio

August 13, 2006 KRA Race 10

Evan had another very good day. He qualified 2nd and finished 2nd, which moved him into 2nd place for the year in points! This has been three consecutive podium finished in the KRA series. Prior to the Comet rebuild (by Mark Harrison), Evan's best KRA finish was 3rd. We will continue to tweak the set up and look for opportunities to close the gap on Billy Lewis.

Eric had a difficult day, as his motor seemed to be lacking in power during the practice sessions. We had difficulty getting his motor started for the qualifying session, and the motor failed during the session! It's now Eric's turn for a major rebuild! Unfortunately, Eric could not race. The motor is now in the hands of Mark Harrison and Comet Kart Sales.

August 2, 2006 Race for Riley

The turnout for this charity race was huge! Several celebrities, media, and professional drivers were there, including Tony Stewart, John Andretti, Vitor Meira, Sarah Fisher, and Rupert.

Evan qualified 5th and improved to 3rd in the pre-final. Evan started behind Billy and Michael Lewis. In the feature race, Evan moved into 2nd place briefly. He then was in a battle for 3rd-5th with three laps remaining when two cars wrecked only a few feet in front of him, and we was forced off the track. By the time he got back on track, he was in 11th. Evan quickly moved back up to 8th, a disappointing finish.

In Eric's qualifying, a timing malfunction at the track caused them to not record qualifying laps 2 and 3. Eric's best lap was not recorded, and his motor mount came loose before he could complete more laps. Eric had to start the heat race from the back. He did move up in the field in the heat race and in the feature race, but only to 14th place (of 21).

July 30, 2006 KRA Race 9

We had a good race day Sunday, but I had to leave on a business trip before either Evan or Eric had their feature race. We parked the our sponsor's new MINI S convertible at the front door before 7am. Most racers use this entrance to register, and everyone can see this from inside the main area.

We installed new sponsor graphics on Evan's car prior to the qualifying and race.

Eric raced first, and qualified in the middle of the pack. A girl from behind him was out of control on the first lap and drove over his back tire and into his left arm! He was forced off the track, but kept the motor running and finished the race. He finished 12th with a big bruise on his arm and a cracked seat!

Evan had fast time in qualifying until the last lap, Billy Lewis got the pole by .058 of a second. Evan started second, but in the race did not have the "set up" to keep pace with Billy Lewis and Craig Stone. Evan finished 3rd, and continues to move up in points.

July 23, 2006 KRA Race 8

It was one year ago (KRA Race # 8) that Evan entered his first race. This week was a big one, and expensive, as we got as complete rebuild on Evan's motor. We started the break-in procedure the day before the race, and ran as many practice sessions as possible on race day. It paid off, as Evan got pole position. Evan finished in 2nd place behind Billy Lewis.

We rebuilt Eric's carburetor the night before the race. Eric had his second top 10 qualifying, and his best finish of the year (8th). Eric continues to show improvement!

July 16, 2006 KRA Race 7

Eric was able to some testing on his new chassis and qualified 4th (of 18), which was his first time to qualify in the top 5. Unfortunately Eric was forced off the track on the first lap of the race, and finished 15th. We are encouraged by his speed as this was only the 6th race.

Prior to Evan's race we know his engine had problems. Although we replaced a damaged reed, the motor still seemed to have an air leak causing problems at idle, and limited power. Evan qualified 6th and moved quickly to 3rd, but lacked the power to maintain that position. Evan finished 6th. After the race we removed the motor to get it rebuilt.

June 25, 2006 KRA Race 6

Unfortunately they scheduled the make-up race from March on Saturday 06/24, creating a conflict with the GLSS Michigan race. We missed the make-up race on Saturday in favor of the GLSS, but traveled home late on Saturday so we could participate in the Sunday races. The New Castle track was setup to race backwards both days, which provides for some extra excitement for the drivers.

We had along list of maintenance issues and limited time Sunday morning. Eric's new Margay still needed the finishing touches, and Evan needed to convert his TaG back to the Spec class configuration (30lbs of weight, 11/77 gearing, and other tuning for the high speeds at New Castle). Evan was able to qualify, but Eric did not and had to start at the back of the field. Eric also had the disadvantage of starting the race without any practice or qualifying in the backwards configuration - and in a new kart! Eric moved up several positions for his first top 10 finish (9th place in one of the most competitive classes at NCMP, and only his 5th career race).

Evan's race was disappointing, as we had a very good chassis set-up, but suffered from fuel starvation on high G right hand turns. After a quick move to improve his position, he slipped back to 6th at the finish. After the race we discovered an ignition issue and a contaminated fuel filter.

June 24, 2006 GLSS Race 3

Evan and Andy arrive at East Lansing Kart track on Friday for several hours of testing. We found the gearing was even lower than we anticipated. Several local racers arrived for the TaG class on race day. They were a very competitive group with most of them within a half second of each other. One of the local drivers cut into Evan at the start of the heat race causing Evan to spin, later Evan lost his chain and had to start the feature race at the back of the pack. From this position he finished 5th, and we immediately packed and left for Noblesville so we could race the next morning at New Castle!

June 22, 2006

Purchased a Margay Chassis for Eric and a trailer for travel races.
The '03 Margay continues to be one of the most successful chassis in the Yamaha classes. This will replace Eric's Comet chassis. Both drivers will be using Margay's with several interchangeable parts.

June 18, 2006

Dreyer and Reinbold MINI Signs as a sponsor!
We are proceeding with new kart graphics and other promotional items, to maximize their return on investment. Our garage is now the coolest at the track!

June 11, 2006 KRA Race 4

We expected rain all day, and Eric raced in the rain. Eric finished 13th, as he is still learning rain technique. As Evan's race time approached, the track dried. We made a last minute change to a dry set up, as did most other teams. The cars that ran on rain tires were not competitive. Evan quickly moved up several positions, but could not catch the first and second place cars. Evan finished third, and continues to move up in points.

June 4, 2006 KRA Race 3

Eric's raced first, and started in the 14th position. We discovered a damaged bearing on the right front spindle, but did not have time to repair it before the race. Eric gained a couple positions and finished 11th.

Evan qualified in 3rd and was just hundredths of a second off the pace of the leader (Billy Lewis). Evan finished 4th (of 17), which was consistent with his lap speeds compared to the leaders.

May 26, 2006 Great Lakes Sprint Series Race 2

We traveled to South Bend for our first race at a track other than NCMP. Since we did not have a trailer, we traveled with our truck and wagon. During the pre-qualifier the exhaust header failed, and we did not have a spare. After asking the track and other competitors for either a spare header or a welder, Eric and I drove into South Bend hoping to find someone to repair the header. Our sixth stop was at a Kenworth dealer and they were kind enough to make a quick weld. Upon return to the track we reassembled the exhaust with only minutes to spare before the Heat Race. Evan improved his speed, but spun kart and did not finish the heat race. Evan started the feature race in 9th of 10. Evan drove a very good race, finished 4th and remains the GLSS TaG points leader for the 2006 season!

May 14, 2006 - KRA Race 2

Evan and Eric both planned to race in this rainy Sunday (Mothers Day) event. Evan chose not to practice, as we were prepared and confident of our set up. Eric ran in his practice session, which was his first experience on rain tires. Eric qualified 10th, and Evan took the Pole (a full 1.3 seconds ahead of 2nd place). As Eric's race began, the kart in front of him lost control in the first turn. Eric made impact and spun as well. Eric was able to continue, but lost positions. Through the next few laps, Eric advanced to 8th, but lost the cart in the 6th lap - finishing 11th. Evan's race was even more disappointing, as his ($8) spark plug failed on the race warm-up lap! Adding to the pain, we discovered the impact in Eric's race cracked a weld on the frame!

April 29, 2006 - Great Lakes Sprint Series Race 1

Evan participated in the first race of the Great Lakes Sprint Series which was held at our home track, New Castle Motorsports Park. We tested Thursday and Friday evenings before the event. Our focus was the handling, the carburetor, and exhaust length. We arrived at 7am on race day planning another change to the exhaust length and fine tuning for the qualifications and race. Instead, we needed to rebuild the carburetor, and replace the driver gear and chain. Evan missed both of his practice sessions. In the qualifying session we were .750 seconds slower than pole, which positioned Evan in the middle of the pack for the heat race. When the heat race started, the driver in front of Evan slowed in the first turn and Evan braked to avoid a collision, causing him to spin. As the remaining karts came through the turn, Evan took a direct impact to the front of the kart. With a damaged and scraping nose, and mechanical damage, Evan finished third from last in the heat. We had a lot of work, and several unplanned expenses to repair the cart. As time passed, it began to sprinkle, then rain. We changed to Bridgestone rain tires and adjusted our set up and alignment. Our tire pressures were going to depend on whether the track was damp, or soaked. As we made our preparations on the grid, the rain increased (and would eventually continue for the duration of the race).With this being Evan's first time racing in the rain, he was certainly up against a challenge. We made our final tire pressure adjustments seconds before the TaGs went on track for the race. On the first lap, Evan gained six positions as most drivers struggled to control their karts in the increasing rain. On Evan's third lap he took the lead. Throughout the race Evan demonstrated superb control and patience and won the race with a substantial lead over second place. Despite the challenges and disappointments earlier in the day, it proved to be one of Evan's most exciting races. It was interesting to see Evan finish the race 13 lbs heavier, due to the water in his driving suit!

April 15, 2006 - The first KRA race of the year.

Eric's very first race! He is competing the Yamaha Junior Can Class, which is the largest KRA class. In his first practice session on race day, the track was still damp from overnight rains. On the first lap another driver spun in front of Eric, and Eric avoided a collision but crashed into a hay bail! There were 27 entries, and Eric qualified in position 20. Eric demonstrated an aggressive driving style, and moved up a couple positions to finish 18th.

Evan began to get a better feel for the Spec TaG. He qualified 9th out of 18. When the race began, Evan had a great start and avoided an incident moving quickly to 4th. Evan did not have the speed to hold this position and dropped back to battle between 5th and 6th. Evan finished 6th but is determined to improve his speed for the upcoming events.

April 2, 2006

Evan enters the Route 66 Series race at New Castle. This is a traveling 5 race series based in Illinois. This was his first opportunity to race his new Spec TaG. Since this series does not have a Spec TaG class, he raced under TaG USA rules. This class allows modifications that are not permitted in his KRA class. We also struggled with inconsistent handling. Evan was slightly off pace and qualified towards the back. Evan drove well in the race, but bumped off track from behind in one of the turns costing him several positions. Evan finished 14th out of 23. While not happy with this result, he gained valuable experience with the setup and driving for this new kart.

March 2006

The first KRA race was postponed due to rain and snow a few days before the scheduled event. Due to the same weather, we were limited to only two test days in March.

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Summary and Archives

  • 2011 Archive
    Eric wins the TaG World Finals (Stock Moto Class), and wins the KRA Shifter Championship, along with his first victory in a SKUSA and GLPS race.

    Evan raced a limited season and won a KRA TaG race along with a KRA Shifter race (after Eric locked up the season championship.
  • 2010 Archive
    Evan sweeps the first 11 KRA Shifter races for a perfect season, and is awarded Senior Driver of the Year.

    Eric locked up second place in the KRA shifter class.
  • 2009 Archive
    Eric wins several Stock Moto races.
    Eric competes at the SKUSA SuperNats.

    Evan enters only 2 KRA races and wins in both Shifter and TaG classes.
    Evan races WKA for MKP on a Birel.
  • 2008 Archive
    Evan wins KRA TaG Sr. Class.  Evan gets WKA Nat'l Podium.
    Evan almost wins RoboPong200.

    Eric gets 2nd TaG Sportsman.
  • 2007 Archive
    Evan wins KRA Yamaha Class.

    Eric gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.
  • 2006 Archive
    Evan gets 2nd in GLSS TaG.
    Evan gets 2nd in Spec TaG Sr.

    Eric's Rookie Year (Yamaha Jr.)
  • 2005 Archive
    Evan's rookie year (Yamaha Sr.)

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